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welcome tinydeal
Moshi SenseCover,
la custodia sensibile al tocco

Questa volta iniziamo con un video che vogliamo spieghi, meglio di mille parola, come funziona Moshi SenseCover, la prima custodia in assoluto ad essere sensibile al tocco: Una custodia inizialmente doveva proteggere, successivamente ha anche aumentato l’autonomia del nostro smartphone, fra poco addirittura ne amplierà la memoria, abbiamo visto da non molto la Mophie Space Pack, ma una custodia che fosse sensibile al tocco dell’utente non la si era ancora vista, non fino ad oggi. L’idea è stata del leader mondiale Moshi che ha dato vita a SenseCover accessori mac mini, che abbiamo appena visto come funziona. Quanti sono contrari alla custodia a flip, che si chiude a libro, giudicata spesso destinata alle persone troppo "seriose"? Ma quanti, però, ne vorrebbero una per proteggere meglio il proprio smartphone. Certo, però, che è scomoda, è necessario aprirla per sapere chi chiama e per rispondere alla chiamata. Con la nuova Moshi nulla di tutto... (more)

The Common Ills
Barack and his

Barack and his 'gutless' problem CBS News reports US President Barack Obama stands accused by former CIA deputy director Mike Morell (now an on air expert for CBS News) of failing to grasp what is taking place in Iraq and the potential threats that may emerge. He calls into question the focus and intent of Barack's mission or 'mission' in Iraq. The criticism comes as Iraq is on fire and Barack's poll numbers remain low. The criticism also comes as Barack delivers what some saw as a hard hitting speech on the beheading of a journalist only to possibly weaken his own words with the actions that followed. Leslie Larson, Stephen Rex Brown and Larry McShane (New York Daily News) report: The vacationing commander-in-chief, after promising a relentless hunt for the terrorist butchers of a U.S. journalist, teed off on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course just a short time later. “Obama is more dedicated to golfing than he is to... (more)

Turning Point -

How many turning points does an average man experience on his lifetime? Once, twice, thrice? I feel like it is an ever growing never ending turning point, when you decide what to eat, what to wear, what to drink, where to go, what movie to watch, where to hide, whom to talk, how to exercise, how to sell, what to improve, where to travel, whom to love, how to live...never ever ending. What's your turning point?

Do you possess a mirror? You looked like a complete wide shouldered hobo. What's up with you kids face? I hope it will eventually grow into it. No engagement ring anymore. Can't say I'm surprised. I used to think you were something but today made me realise how below that estimation you were. Thank you. You are no longer part of my time. Peace

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